a r c h i v e .

    August 26th, 2004

To quote Homer Simpson "wooo-hooo!"

Everyone that attended the Royals baseball game on Saturday, August 7th received quite a treat. Singing the National Anthem was our very own Ken!

With all the confidence of a seasoned stage veteran, Ken stepped out onto the field and gave a rousing rendition of the famed tune. When he finished, the near-capacity crowd gave him a huge hand. Ken smiled. It was awesome.

If you didn't happen to be at that game, and you'd better have a good excuse, you can still catch the performance here thanks to the wonders of technology.

Great job Ken!

In other news: 8 Miles Down will be playing a few shows towards the end of year. As always check out our schedule.

Thanks to everyone for the support and for coming to the shows. We'll see you at the next one.
- submitted by Joe -

We are looking for a little input from our fans as we head back into the studio this winter. Tell us what songs you'd like to hear us record and what you like best about our live shows. We'll try to incorporate as much of your input as possible on our next album. If you'd like to weigh in with your opinion, contact us here. Thanks.