a r c h i v e .

    June 10th, 2004

What can we say. When 8 Miles Down shows up to play outside, you sometimes get rain. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather with us at the Buy Kansas Expo, McFoster's Cafe and The Cup. Three cities, in three different months, with three impressive rain storms. Thank goodness we had other (indoor) shows to play as well.

We remain undeterred and continue to book outdoor (and indoor) shows. Looks like it will be a busy summer. Click for the latest **SCHEDULE**

We've added new pictures from recent shows. Take a few moments to enjoy our lavish good looks (???) or laugh at the strange faces we must use to create our music. Really we have to contort our mouths and bodies like this to get the proper tone. Seriously.

Thanks for stopping by. See you at one of the shows.

Respectfully submitted (with copious amounts of caffeine),