a r c h i v e.

    April 29, 2004

Hello! We, here at 8 Miles Down central hope you're having a great year. We are certainly enjoying ourselves. Hopefully you have had a chance to make it to one of our shows recently. If not, go **HERE** for a current list of upcoming shows. There are plenty of chances in LOTS of locations...

Many thanks to those of you who have made it to a recent performance! If you haven't caught us recently chances are you haven't seen us in full-band mode. Roger Brough and Colin Killmer have been sharing time playing bass while Donn Weisser has been holding down the fort on drums. FYI, we are still playing acoustic shows, we're just (re)adding another notch into the 8MD repertoire.

The previous update I completely forgot to thank Heidi in Cozad. She was very helpful and kind to us. Heidi, THANK YOU!

Lastly....You *KNOW* you love the pictures section (our website hit counters prove it.) In the last week I've added lots of pictures from recent shows. Check 'em out!!!

We hope to see you soon!
8 Miles Down