a r c h i v e .

    February 9, 2004

Holy smokes have I (Ken just to make the record clear) been slacking. My apologies for the lack of updates. There is no excuse. Well....except the wild and wacky trip to Cozad. Many thanks to the good people of Cozad for their kindness. A special thanks to Donn and Roger for putting in all the extra time to get tunes up to par. Roger, we really appreciate the loaning of equipment too.

Sadly we forgot to get someone to snap pictures of us while we were playing. I guess we were too worried about the WHOLE PIZZA we left on the table at Pizza Hut before the gig. Instead you'll have to settle for my homage to cows and various pics of the trip and setup. We did shoot video of the occasion. Hopefully atleast a few songs will surface as mpegs sometime in the future.

OK...enough rambling for now. I need to get back to scheduling gigs. We expect 2004 to be our busiest year ever. So stay tuned!