a r c h i v e .

    Nov 2, 2003

OOH LA LA - October was a great month! We really want to thank all our fans for coming out to the shows and for making October so much fun. A special thanks to all the great people we met in Ames and Des Moines. We'll be back soon! Omaha and Topeka, you KNOW we love ya too and we'll back there often as well!

A VERY special thanks must go to Donn Weisser and Roger Brough for putting up with us and backing us for the Benders gig. We had a rediculous amount of fun and we're looking forward to more!

Well...that's enough of this past tense stuff. We're looking forward to MORE GIGS! We've lined up two more before the end of the year and hope to get atleast a couple more.

On a sad note, the Nov 15th show is a benefit for Roger Griffith, a friend of ours from Gator's VIII. His son Danny passed away recently and this show will help pay for funeral expenses. Many/most of the gang from Gator's VII will be there performing as well. We hope to see you too.

Take care and reach for the stars!

8 Miles Down
- Joe and Ken

P.S. My apologies to anyone who missed the Topeka show or got there with difficulty due to the bogus map I posted. It won't happen again. ;) -- Ken