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    Oct 7, 2002

Welcome to 8 Miles Down.com!

Here at the Cold House (III) studios excitement is starting to peak as work on our EP is nearing completion. All but a few of the individual tracks have been laid down and we have preliminary mixes of several songs. We still do not have a firm release date or title, but we can depart one big piece of information - the track list!

All Too Real
Can't Live Without You
Muddy Waters
Packin' Up and Moving again
'Til the Cows Come Home

One song is completely new, two are previously unrecorded 8MD "standards" and the rest are songs that we've had around for awhile but played in public at most a handful of times. All the recordings are turning out to be great versions though and we are bursting at the seams while putting together the final mixes! Keep your eyes here and know that it won't be long!

Don't forget about the October and November shows! You'll find a listing of them HERE

Peace and Love,
8 Miles Down
- Joe Biesterfeld
- Ken Kresha
- Matt Myers