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    May 17, 2002

Hello and thanks for visiting 8 Miles Down.com!

News from the 8MD camp reads that we continue to work on new material and will be recording an EP, tenatively to be released in July. Most likely it will be a free, internet-only release. If we decide to make actual CD's the release date will undoubtedly slip. We expect it to contain five, possibly six songs of which atleast three will be new. We're still toying with the final list but we do suspect that we'll try to fit two or three previously un-recorded songs onto the EP that we've been getting lots of requests for. Visit here often for the absolute latest.

We're also happy to report two shows have been scheduled. Both will be at Raoul's Velvet Room in Lawrence, KS. Check out the schedule for more information. If you would like to be on our e-mail notification list, drop a mail to GIGS@8milesdown.com

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