a r c h i v e .

    May 18, 2001

Hello and everyone and thanks for enduring with us while the website was down. We were a victim of the hacking group from China that is peeved at the US Government. Oh well...at least you can tell stories in bars now about "your favorite band's website getting hacked." :)

May, June and July will be very busy for us. We have many shows scheduled along with the usual work of getting even more shows. April was a busy month for us all on a personal level although we did find time to add a bass player to our ranks. Allan McGinty will be playing "any and all shows we would like him there for." Allan is also in an acoustic celtic band. He plays electric and upright bass. Allan is a most welcome addition and believe me when I say the upright adds some great touches to some of the old tunes!

Don't forget to check out our MP3.com site. Joe recently updated both the songs and our picture on the site. I promise you'll fall on the floor laughing if you do check it out for the picture!

Lastly, we would all love to hear from you. Just about what you're doing what songs you like and where you would like to see us play.

See you soon!

8 Miles Down
Joe Biesterfeld
Ken Kresha
Allan McGinty
Matt Myers