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    September 25, 2000

Hello All!

First, our apologies to anyone who has tried to hit the web site lately and received a "server down" error message. The 8 Miles Down webserver has recently underwent a physical change of location and service to that location has been spotty at best. If you receive such an error, don't worry the site will never be down for too long a period of time. Service should be solid now, but if the site would happen to be down, simply try back in a few minutes.

Mixing and mastering of our new CD Pieces of Life has been completed! At this point we're waiting to get the replicated CD's back. MP3's of many of the songs will be rotated into the download section of the site so be sure to keep visiting here for sneak peeks of the new material and upcoming shows.

As always, we would like to draw attention to the fine creators of the love that is our web site. A big "THANK YOU" to Derek Feagin at TechConnect, Inc. and Derek Bierman at Shockra for designing the site and creating all of the great graphics and audio files you will find here on the site.

Respectfully submitted,

8 Miles Down
Joe Biesterfeld
Ken Kresha