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    August 12, 2000

Welcome to www.8milesdown.com! Thanks for stopping by.

We are nearing completion of our new CD. As of today 6 of the 13 tracks have been mixed. For those keeping track, you'll note that 3 songs have been added. Diamond in the Rough, Walk and Jelly have been added to the track list. All three were initially left off because we did not have time to finish them and still meet the initial "RAGBRAI" deadline we imposed on ourselves. We do not have a firm release date yet, but we are hoping to be done mixing within the next 2 weeks. September here we come!

We had a great time playing at RAGBRAI, McFoster's and Davey's in the month of July. It felt great to be playing with a full band again. Thanks to everyone who came out to see one of the shows and especially to Matt Myers and Mark Henkelmann for taking time out of their **vacations** to practice and actually play the gigs. They both rocked and as always were great to hang out with.

There are not many shows....well, none to be exact....lined up right now. We've been waiting to finish the CD so we have something to give to promoters. For the time being, enjoy the new pics from the RAGBRAI and McFoster's shows and we'll try to get a sneak peek of the new CD up here as soon as possible. You can never tell when we might make a random, unnanounced stop at a coffee house near you, so keep your eyes open.

As always, we would like to draw attention to the fine creators of the love that is our web site. A big "THANK YOU" to Derek Feagin at TechConnect, Inc. and Derek Bierman at Shockra for designing the site and creating all of the great graphics and audio files you will find here on the site.

Respectfully submitted,

8 Miles Down
Joe Biesterfeld
Ken Kresha