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    July 7, 2000

Welcome to www.8milesdown.com! Thanks for stopping by.

July is shaping up to be a busy month. (So much so that we haven't had time to update the website.) We are moving along at full steam making preparations for the RAGBRAI show in Council Bluffs plus we're still working on the new CD. We regret to say that release has been pushed back two to three weeks until roughly the mid-August timeframe. We are nearly completed tracking parts and hope to start mixing in a couple of weeks after some much needed vacation time is taken.

We have had time to add a few pics of the recording process. Take your time and enjoy looking through the site. We always enjoy hearing from people about the site so feel free to mail us with any comments or suggestions.

We would still like to draw attention to the fine creators of the love that is our web site. A big "THANK YOU" to Derek Feagin at TechConnect, Inc. and Derek Bierman at Shockra for designing the site and creating all of the great graphics and audio files you will find here on the site. Derek B's site is up for an award in the activism category of the Flash Film Festival. Be sure to check his site out and then vote.

Take care,

8 Miles Down
Joe Biesterfeld
Ken Kresha