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    May 16, 2000

Thanks for stopping by our web site! In the last week or so we've added lots more pixs so be sure to check out the download section. We've also added a few more shows so check out our schedule and come on out to see a show or two!

Work continues on our new CD. Our last 3 days have been spent in the studio doing pre-production work and actually tracking parts. Being realistic, we've slipped the release date back to mid-July. We weren't able to get into the studio until later than we had hoped, which has turned out to be a good thing because we're still putting final touches on a couple of the new songs. We are accepting fan recommendations. So if you don't see your favorite song listed below, be sure to send Joe or Ken a quick mail letting us know your preference. Replies of "Freebird" will will be quickly discarded after forwarding your e-mail address to a business which sends lots of junk mail. :) A partial and tentative list of songs include:

I've Been Believin'
The Joy
Still Believing in You
Temporary Time

We would still like to draw attention to the fine creators of the love that is our web site. A big "THANK YOU" to Derek Feagin at TechConnect, Inc. and Derek Bierman at Shockra for designing the site and creating all of the great graphics and audio files you will find here on the site.

Take care,

8 Miles Down
Joe Biesterfeld
Ken Kresha