l y r i c s .

    The Joy

The joy. It may not follow me
But the stars keep shining in the sky
The joy. It may not always stay
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try

It comes around like the waves crashing on the shorline
To carry you away
As I watch the sun fade into the distance
I'm thankful for another day
Rain turns to snow. The wind grows colder.
The moments never last
Seasons come and go. They never wander.
Before you know love is back

Do you wonder how it started?
Are they cycles true?
Thinking maybe, if I'm lucky
Like the seasons you're returning too


In the eyes of a newborn baby
The loving never ends
It knows no past. Doesn't worry about tomorrow.
Life at its very best
One smile can warm a thousand tired faces.
The sadness never lasts
Reborn innocence has a way of bringing
The good times back

And I wonder
Can we find a way to make it all new?
Can we see the joy and realize
One day we'll embrace it too?

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