l y r i c s .

    I've Been Believin'

Woke up this morning. Song was stuck in my mind.
At one with nature, notes flowed like a roaring flood.
Oh I can dream, yes I can dream, said I can dream
But factors not my own determine where I go

But I've been believing I'll be just fine
Rise up, carry on, alright
I've been believing I'll be just fine
I've got a feeling it's time

Roads wind and cross in front of me, yet I don't know
The path I'll take from here.
Chasing dreams the lines are less than defined
So many paths diverge in front of me

The road is long before us and
The weather may grow cold
And sometimes we'll grow tired
Come running back to hold on

The sunset this evening was a brilliant gold
Admired the view as I sat and grew old
I dream, I dream of a world I'd like to know
Aim high, be true. It's not always smooth you know.


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