l y r i c s .

    Five Times a Lifetime

He was born outside of the city
To a man of modest means
A farmer's boy he worked so hard
And grew up tall and lean
Then he took a bride - she was his pride
To the couple a son was born
At the age of five, the father died
Left him few memories behind

The times are simply retold
The memories that I hold
Yes I remember - clearly I remember
Five times of memories in time.

On a peak in the Rocky Mountains
I heard someone call my name
A spirit from the past bringing memories back
As best as I could explain
The heavens joined that day in some earthly way
And a peace was made in the sky.
It brought tears to my eye and I wished
I could find more memories of times.


So as the years pass by the memories die
And recollections become more vague.
Time can't replace the empty space
And loss I feel in my heart.


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