l y r i c s .

    7, 7, 9 & 7

It was mid spring when we first held hands
You spoke so soft and tenderly
You looked into my eyes and made me think
We're going somewhere much bigger than this

You filled my head with these great big dreams
Had me believing every word
You had a way of weaving your tales
To make your thoughts and dreams seem less absurd

But as the truth comes to light
And I look upon my plight
Step back, wonder where to go from here
Had a good thing going, don't let go
Those memories they kind of fade away
Fade away
Fade away

All through summer, we danced
We moved so well together you and I
But then you turned and walked away didn't have the strength
To look into my eyes


Now you've decided
You're moving on
Can't wait to get out on the road
Without a thought of me on your mind, nor of the life
That we'd grown

Now here I am in the same old place
These dreams and desires running free
You're gone and I don't seem to mind, got other plans
To get where I want to be


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